Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fresh homemade bread in under an hour! Wow!

I may be in love... with a new bread recipe I found!

You might have read the post I did about the No Knead bread ... and I do still love to munch on a loaf slice of WHO bread from SouleMama. But I am still searching for my perfect bread recipe!

And then I found it... 

It looked too good to be true. A simple bread recipe with basic ingredients that promised me my bread would be prepare and ready in under an hour! I had to try this! 
In my hunt for the perfect bread I love reading words like "no knead", "quick" and "simple"! That's what you want if you're going to commit to regularly making bread!

Well, I've made this fabulous loaf two days in a row now and am quite happy with the results!
I am looking forward to substituting some of the white flour for wholemeal flour and will be looking into suppliers of organic bread flour here as I'd prefer to go as natural as possible.
Let's leave out the bleach etc!

The recipe I found came from this great blog La Fuji Mama and is really easy to follow - she also has a fabulous video of herself making the bread. (I wonder when I'll be cool enough to do a Vlog! Hmmm.. makeover anyone!!) Having watched her video made me feel like I'd made the bread before as I confidently threw it all together for the first time! 

PS. Love her tip on spray oil on the kneading surface! I am usually guilty of adding far too much extra flour at this point to prevent it from sticking to my hand! Perfect solution! No stickiness at all!

Very happy with this one and have definitely added it to my shortlist!

I am still on the hunt for my perfect bread and will definitely be experimenting with my ingredients more and more. But we've had two happy days of fresh sandwiches on super quick and easy fresh bread!

Have you got a great bread recipe you could share with me? I'd love to try it!